You can use this iPhone feature on Android as well.



The iPhone has long been regarded as the most technologically advanced smartphone in the world. The multipurpose iPhone apps that gained popularity are now also available for Android phones. You can set up your Android phone to use the same functions as your iPhone in a number of different ways.

So in today's article, we will share about such feature of iPhone which can be used in Android phones as well. The name of that feature is copy, cut or paste, this feature is very famous in iPhone mobile and very useful. By using this feature, you can copy any text in iPhone and paste it in your other Apple devices like Mac, iPad and Watch.

iphone copy paste feature in android

Read the full article to know how you can use this feature on your Android device.

How to use this feature in android and laptops

Follow these steps to use this feature in your android and laptops:

Step1: First of all you have to download an application name "Clipt" in your Android.

Steps2: Download the extension name "Clipt" on your PC or Laptop.

Step3: Then login with the same email address in both applications.

Step4: Then
whatever you copy in Android, you can paste it in your PC or laptop.

By following these steps, you can also use the feature of the iPhone on your phone or laptop.

I would advise acquiring an iPhone if you appreciate having this function and don't mind that it's exclusive to iOS, or using this trick on Android by using a simple application.

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