Largest Telecom Companies In The World By Subscribers 2023

A telecommunications company often referred to as a telecommunications company, is a company that provides users with access to telecommunication services such as telephone, Internet, and television. The Largest Telecom Companies use facilities like wired or wireless to access these services. Which can be used to deliver these services to customers.

In today's blog, we are going to tell you about the Largest Telecom Companies In The World By Subscribers.

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The List Of Largest Telecom Companies In The World

1. China Mobile: 


China Mobile Communications Corporation(CMCC) is the Largest Telecom Company In The Entire World with over 974.04 Millions Subscribers. China Mobile Limited provides mobile voice and multimedia services to users. With more than 974.04 million subscribers, China Mobile is the largest wireless provider in China. Since its beginning, China Mobile has dominated both civilian and military mobile services in China. As China Telecom (Hong Kong) Limited, it was incorporated in 1997. After the dissolution of China Telecom Corporation in 1999, China Mobile was created. This business is still offering mobile services.

2. Bharti Airtel Limited: 

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Bharti Airtel Limited commonly known as Airtel is the Second Largest Telecom Company In The World with over 496.91 Millions Subscribers. The founder of Bharti Airtel is Sunil Bharti Mittal It is a multinational telecommunications services company in India. Airtel provides 4G and 5G services in India, It also offers other services to there customers like Broadband services, Digital Television, etc. Airtel becomes the Second Largest Mobile Network Operator in India and Second Largest Mobile Network Operator in The World. Sunil Mittal Successfully Launched the Bharti Airtel on 7th July 1995. In October 2017, Airtel acquired Tata Docomo, a Tata telecom company. Airtel launched its 5G services in India on 6 October 2022. If you want to use Airtel 5G services on your devices please visit.

3. Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited:

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Reliance Jio Infomm commonly known as Jio is the Third Largest Telecom Company In The World with over 421.38 Millions of Subscribers. It is an Indian Telecommunication Company and a subsidiary of Jio Platforms. Reliance Jio provides 4G and 5G Services in India. It is the largest mobile network in India and the Third largest mobile network operator in The world. Jio launched our Fiber Broadband, Television, and Telephone Services in September 2019. Jio commercially launched its 4G services on 5th September 2016 with this Jio offers free data and calling services until 31 December, then by extending the services, he had ordered till March 31, 2017, because of customers ' blowing feedback. Jio gained 16 Million Subscribers in just a month, and it crossed the 50 Million Subscribers mark 83 days after its launch.

4. China Telecom Corp Ltd:

China Telecom Corp Ltd is the Fourth-Largest Telecom Company In The World with over 390.48 Millions of Subscribers. On 17 May 2000, it was registered as China Telecommunications Corporation. In 2009 China Telecommunications Corporation received some of the assets of China Satellite Communication. The Company Provides Telephones services and Broadband Internet services. China Telecommunications Corporations was awarded CDMA 2000 license on 7th January 2009.

5. China Unicom Limited:

China United Network Communications Group Ltd or China Unicom is the Fifth Largest Telecom Company In The World with over 320 Millions of Subscribers. China Unicom was founded as a State Owned Enterprise on 18 June 1994. China Unicom Has also operate a CDMA network in Macau since 18 October 2006. CDMA operations have moved to China Telecommunications Corporations on November 2008.

6. America Movil:

America Movil is the sixth Largest Telecom Company in the World with Over 307.85 Millions of Subscribers. America Movil is the Mexican Telecommunications Corporation, Headquarters in Mexico. America Movil had 277.4 Million wireless subscribers. America Movil was created in 2001. America Movil collab with Nokia to use Nokia maps as its location-based services. America Movil offers other services like Fixed lines, Mobile Phones, Broadband, Digital Television and etc.

7. Telefonica, S.A:

Telefonica is the seventh Largest Telecom Company in the World with over 293.65 Millions of Subscribers. Telefonica, S.A. is a Spanish Multinational Telecommunications Company. They provide Fixed, Broadband, and Subscription Television services in Spain to users. The company was founded on April 19, 1924, approx 98 years ago. Telefonica provides our services in more than 20 Countries in Europe and America. Telefonica is the second largest corporation in Spain.

8. MTN Group Limited:

MTN Group Limited is the eighth Largest Telecom Company in the World with over 285 Millions of Subscribers. It is a South African multinational telecommunications company, operating in many South African and Asian countries. MTN Group Limited was founded in 1994 as an M cell. One Third of the company revenues come from Nigeria. The sponsor of South Africa national rugby is MTN Group Limited which sponsors English Football Club Manchester United.
Bharti Airtel and Jio Communications give the buying offer to MTN Group Limited.

9. Vodafone Group Plc:

Vodafone Group is the ninth Largest Telecom Company in the World with over 280.30 Millions of Subscribers. Vodafone is a British multinational telecommunications company. They operate services in Asia, Africa, Europe, and Oceania, and they operate operations in more than 21 countries. The name Vodafone comes from VOICE DATA FONE. Vodafone Group Limited was founded on 16 September 1991 almost 31 years ago.

10. Deutsche Telekom AG:

Deutsche Telekom AG is the tenth Largest Telecom Company in the World with over 248.30 Millions of subscribers. Deutsche Telekom is a German telecommunications company and is the largest telecommunications provider in Europe. The company was formed in 1995. Deutsche Bundespost Telekom became Deutsche Telekom AG in 1996. on December 6, 2001, Deutsche Telekom become the first official partner of the FIFA World Cup 2006. The company offers other services like Fixed-Line, Mobile Phone, and Broadband.


Today we have told you about the top Largest Telecom Companies in the world. Many people believe that in order to be a viable nation, our country should have its own telecom company. It is also true that telecom companies generate a lot of revenue, but they can also help the economy grow. Here is a list of the top Largest Telecom Companies in the world with current market shares.

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